Intelligent Uplighting

Intelligent Uplighting is probably the most "bang-for-your-buck" add-on you can do for your event. We are one of the few companies in Orange County and Inland Empire that can offer a complete wireless, customizable solution for your uplighting needs.

Our uplights are not only battery powered, but they are completely wireless DMX. That means, a customized light show that can be modified or changed throughout the night, from the DJ booth.

Our lights offer the typical Red, Green, Blue, combinations, as well as a true white, amber, AND UV (Black Light) solution WITH an on demand built-in strobe effect that can turn your venue from a classy champagne static ambiance, into a high energy night club at the push of a button.

PLUS, wireless lighting means no messy cabling or taping to worry about. Just a spectacular light show, that can go from classy ambiance, to a full blown dance scene that transfers the energy from the dance floor, to the entire venue. Indoor or outdoor, no event should go without our state-of-the-art uplighting.